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College to Career Transition: Leveraging the ADA & Accommodations at Work

In January of 2018, CEIA was pleased to promote an informational webinar by Tracie DeFreitas of the Job Accommodation Network (JAN). Materials from the webinar, including the PowerPoint slides, a transcript, and chat responses, can be found below:

“Students with disabilities who receive accommodations in higher education should be knowledgeable about disability disclosure, and requesting and negotiating reasonable accommodations under title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) when transitioning from college to career. During this session, a representative of the Job Accommodation Network (JAN), shared information about using JAN as a resource, offered practical tips for leveraging the ADA to request accommodations at work, and educated service providers about how to empower graduates with disabilities to self-advocate in the workplace.”

“This presentation was made available through a collaboration between JAN, AHEAD, the AHEAD Career SIG, and the Cooperative Education & Internship Association (CEIA).”


Speaker: Tracie DeFreitas, JAN Lead Consultant, ADA Specialist

Presentation Slides (.ppt)

Rough Transcript (.docx)

Responses to Questions Submitted via Chat (.docx)