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Welcome to the North American Directory of Cooperative Education and Internship Programs, a joint venture of the Cooperative Education and Internship Association (CEIA) and the Research Institute at the University of Michigan.

Employers: Search for internship and co-op college/university professionals with which to make contact.

Academia: This is open source for all internship and co-op faculty, coordinators, and administrators to update and search. If you are not listed in the directory, you may add in your contact information.

  • Need to add your name to the directory? Click the “ADD CONTACT” button (far right hand side of screen under blue “Resources”)
  • Need to update your existing contact? Click “View” by your name to open the contact page, then in the new screen click “Edit Contact” (in the grey box)
  • Need to delete an existing contact? Send an email to Administration at and include information on the deletes that need to be made.

**Please note: There is a lag time as CEIA processes and approves each request.**

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