2010 CEIA Award Recipients

Jimmy_HDean Herman Schneider Award
Educator of the Year
Jimmie J. Henslee

Coordinator of Accounting, Business Economics and Management Programs, Business and Public Service Division
El Centro College
Grand Prairie, TX

Jimmie Henslee is Coordinator of Accounting, Business, Economics and Management Programs in the Business and Public Service Division of El Centro College of the Dallas County Community College District.

He earned a B.S. and M.Ed. from Texas A&M, Commerce, and has done post graduate work at the University of North Texas, University of Texas and Western State College in Colorado.

Jimmie was a member of El Centro’s first faculty when it was founded 45 years ago, and is the only original faculty member on the current staff.

He was twice named Texas Business Educator the Year, in 1986 and 1994. Also in 1994 he was named Mountain Plains Business Educator of the Year.

Jimmie has served in several leadership positions for the Texas Community College Teachers Association, including vice president and president of the Accounting Section. In 1988, he began serving as vice president of Region V for CEIA and, later, vice president of finance. Currently, he is serving as CEIA’s treasurer.

Other leadership positions Jimmie has held during his career include both vice president and president of Texas CEIA, Inc., and he is now serving as their treasurer.

Jimmie started the first co-op program in the Dallas County Community College District in 1976, and continues coordinating the co-op programs for the college and the accounting department. Jimmie has supervised over 1,400 accounting co-op students and taught over 15,000 students. For 39 years he has served as advisor for Phi Theta Kappa, and received several awards. He has also served as an advisor for Phi Beta Lambda for 25 years and several students won national awards.

Jimmie was married to the former Lo Ann Fowler of Snyder, Oklahoma for 34 years before her death and they have two children, Jimmie J. Henslee II and Le Ann Roberts. Le Ann is married to Ken Roberts and they have one daughter, Zoe.
Charles F Kettering Award Current Recipient

Vanderhoof2Charles F. Kettering Award
Marie Vanderhoof

Senior HR Program Manager
Central Intelligence Agency

Marie Vanderhoof earned a BA degree from the University of Maryland and completed graduate courses at American University. She has worked at the Central Intelligence Agency since 1980 and participated in their student programs while in college. Marie is now a senior HR Program Mana ger for the CIA. She has supported cooperative education and internships for over 17 years by managing their student programs, hiring students, and managing students in the workplace.

The CIA has utilized co-op students since 1961. Over the years, the Co-op Program has provided benefits, both short and long-term, to students as well as the Agency. The program has given students the opportunity to participate in the vital work of the Agency, to gain unmatched experience and to become acquainted with professionals in the intelligence field. Marie strived to ensure that the student experience at the CIA was not only mission focused but also a valuable learning experience. She arranged for the students to tour other federal Agencies, meet with the CIA Director and members of Congress. Over the years, Marie benchmarked the CIA’s program with private industry as well as within government to ensure salaries and benefits stayed competitive. She encouraged offices to utilize students and established new opportunities for co-ops and interns in a variety of disciplines. Some of her students produced finished, analytic intelligence products which were reviewed by senior policy makers. Others contributed by developing online business applications, technical solutions for unique communication requirements, safe, secure, functional work environments to support Agency global intelligence, supply chain management, HR business solutions and budgetary support. Marie also conducted workshops on leadership, resume writing and interview techniques at many college campuses and conferences.

Marie has also partnered with a number of diversity-focused organizations to give all students an opportunity to contribute to our national security. These organizations include InRoads, the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU), the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES), National Hispanic Business Association (NHBA) and the Washington Internship for Native Students (WINS).

Marie’s involvement with CEIA began in 1994 where she served as the Vice President for the Employer Network. She participated in regional activities and conducted workshops at annual conferences. She actively recruited employer members, secured corporate sponsorships and designed the CEIA pin and logo when the organization added internship to its name. She has served the co-op and internship community for 17 years as a role model for other employers in the federal and private sectors.

Marie is married to Andrew Vanderhoof, an attorney with Cohen & Burnett, P.C. in McLean, VA. They have two children Ian and Zack.

Mallory_JenningsCurrent Cooperative Education Acheivement Award Recipient
Cooperative Education Student Achievement Award
Mallory Jennings

Wichita State University, Mechanical Engineering
Wichita, Kansas
Employer: NASA Johnson Space Center

Mallory Jennings is a senior studying Mechanical Engineering at Wichita State University. In addition to her participation in many campus and community activities, Mallory has conducted five co-op rotations at NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC).

During Mallory’s co-op rotations at NASA, she served as the Lab Manager for the Portable Life Support System (PLSS) Ventilation Laboratory within the Constellation Space Suit Element. The PLSS Ventilation Lab is responsible for testing the life support system of space suits and is currently developing the Constellation Space Suit, which astronauts will wear on upcoming missions to the Moon. Mallory administered testing of multiple pieces of hardware, including fans and the carbon dioxide/humidity removal system. Mallory was also responsible for maintaining the paperwork, equipment and personnel within the working environment of the laboratory.

In recognition of Mallory’s commitment to NASA and outstanding work, she was awarded three times the Outstanding Co-op Student Award at JSC. On one of her nomination forms, Mallory’s lead engineer wrote, “She accomplishes her tasks with professionalism and skill and always with a positive attitude and a determination to get the job done successfully and safely … Ms. Jennings has become an incredibly strong and confident engineer, and she has been an amazing addition to our team.”

Mallory also served as one of NASA’s educational outreach presenters, helping to organize more than 50 outreach events and speaking to more than 4500 people about NASA and the work being done at JSC. Upon her return to Wichita State, Mallory continued her outreach efforts by organizing 25 presentations at local elementary and middle schools about NASA and the importance of studying mathematics and science.

At Wichita State, Mallory was the recipient of the prestigious Harry Gore $48,000 Memorial Scholarship, which is awarded to students who excel academically and who exemplify strong leadership skills. Mallory has also served as the President of the Wichita State Student Activities Council and as a Senator in the Student Government Association. While not in class, Mallory earned her Pilot’s License and Instrument Rating.

Mallory has accepted a full-time position with NASA JSC and will move to Houston, TX, upon her graduation from Wichita State in May 2010. Mallory aspires to one day be an astronaut.

Anna_MinterCurrent Internship Student Acheivement Award Recipient
Academic Internship Student Achievement Award
Anna Minter

Eastern Kentucky University
Richmond, Kentucky
Employer: Yum! Brands, Inc.

Anna Minter, a General Dietetics major from Eastern Kentucky University, interned last summer with Yum! Brands, Inc. in Louisville, KY. Yum! is the parent company of KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Long John Silver’s and A&W. It is the world’s largest restaurant company with more than 36,000 restaurants in 110 countries.

As a Nutrition Coordinator, Anna tackled significant projects. She was responsible for building the Yum! Global Nutrition Database (Genesis) so that menu items and ingredient nutrient profiles would be readily available to Technical Teams throughout the world. This complex task had never been done before in Yum!’s international markets.

She also developed an online learning module and conducted Live Meetings to train staff across the globe to use this database. Dealing with such a wide variety of people was challenging; however, it didn’t faze her. Anna performed at a level far beyond her age and skill set and used her excellent communication skills to achieve successful results. Anna also worked with the KFC Lab Kitchen, the on-site wellness program, and volunteered as a Yum! employee at the local food bank.

She set herself apart at Yum! earning the “Accuracy and Balance” award for going above and beyond to ensure accurate information is generated and given to the public. She also received the Quality Bank award for her outstanding contributions in building the global nutrition database and training staff to use it.

As a student, Anna is exceptional. Her 3.94 GPA has earned her numerous academic awards including the highest scholarship offered by the Family and Consumer Sciences Department.

Amyr_Zafar_HaqCurrent Two-Year Student Acheivement Award Recipient
Two-Year Student Achievement Award
Amyr Zafar Haq

University of Washington, Social Science
Seattle, Washington
Employer: MKA USA

Zafar completed his AA degree at Bellevue College, during which time he completed a year-long Disability Awareness Internship. He spent 10 days in Nepal learning about the challenges faced by people with disabilities. He returned to the Bellevue community and organized on- and off-campus events to share his experience and spread awareness of disabilities including organization of Disability Pride Week on campus. His team coordinated a massive campus-wide event called “The Ability Experience.” They helped students, faculty, and staff simulate the experiences of disabled persons. They organized dozens of volunteers, and the event was a huge success. Zafar also created a blog to promote awareness: http://bcnepal.wordpress.com.

Zafar recently transferred from Bellevue College to pursue his Bachelor of Arts in Social Science at the University of Washington. He aspires to become a physician with an emphasis on global medicine and infectious disease. Prior to going to Nepal, his international travel experience included Dominica, Kenya, Pakistan, India and England. Zafar has a passion for helping others and the community. He has organized blood drives, and events for FoodLifeLine and Adopt-a-Highway. He is also the Assistant Director of Career Development for MKA USA, a non-profit nationwide Muslim mentoring program.