CEIA Virtual Career Fair

CEIA Virtual Career Fair Information

October 8, 2019, 11AM-3PM


  • Opens national Co-op/internship opportunities up to students attending CEIA member schools
  • Provides CEIA with employer membership base
  • Benefits all CEIA member institutions

How It Works

  • Each participating institution provides a set number of employer contacts
  • Under 10,000 enrollment – 50 employers
  • Over 10,000 enrollment – 100 employers
  • All Schools wishing to participate need to submit employer name, contact name, and email address to gayleo@careereco.com so their students can participate in all fairs.  The employers will only be targeted to participate in the fair in their own region.
  • CareerEco develops all marketing materials for employers and reaches out to them. Every employer that registers gets a CEIA membership.
  • CareerEco develops all marketing materials for students and the individual schools reach out to them
  • Students attending any CEIA participating school can attend all of the virtual fairs

For more information: https://www.careereco.com/events/ceia