CEIA Professional Development Webinar

October 2022
Navigating the Future Using Websites for Student Portfolios

The growing online presence, whether on social media or through websites, has grown dramatically in recent years. Wix has partnered with many universities to help faculty, staff, and students build their online presence with a website and create a central hub for their work.

In this session, attendees will learn about recruitment and hiring trends and the growing need of an online presence in a post -Covid-19 world. Attendees will learn the skills gained and programming they can add to enhance student digital skills in this ever-changing market, as well as learn how student portfolios can help them stand out from other applicants no matter what their major is.

Presenters: Elery Rojas, Academic Partnerships Manager, Wix Debbie Oesch-Minor, Interim ePortfolio Co-Director, Institute for Engaged Learning, IUPUI

October 2022
Best Practices for Submitting a Winning Conference Proposal

CEIA’s October Professional Development webinar is aimed at writing conference presentation proposals that resonate with reviewers.  You’ll walk away with insights into the art, not just the mechanics of writing a compelling conference presentation proposal. Our webinar lead presenter has been on both sides of writing, submitting, reviewing and selecting conference presentation proposals for CEIA…and beyond!

Presented by: The 2023 Conference Program Selection Committee

March 2022
Recruiting Trends with Dr. Phil Gardner

CEIA Member Dr. Phil Gardner will deliver his 2021-22 highly acclaimed Recruiting Trends presentation via Zoom. Due to the ongoing economic impact of COVID-19, the 51st annual report of campus recruiting trends will likely be one of the most relevant reports ever produced by Michigan State University’s Collegiate Employment Research Institute. Key messages will include overview of global trends, analysis of national and regional trends by industry, and projections of most-impacted industries, degrees, and majors.

March 2022
Leveraging Conferences

Learn more about navigating a conference and leveraging resources to maximize the conference experience!  As we prepare for the upcoming CEIA Annual Conference in April – or if you are attending other conferences, have you wondered what you could do to maximize your conference experience? In this webinar, we will share tips and recommendations on what to do before, during, and after the conference to make the most of the conference experience.


  • Chinyen Chuo, University of Central Florida
  • Sandra Leon-Barth, University of Central Florida
  • Scott Maynard, 2022 CEIA Conference Chair
  • Elery Rojas, Wix

October 2021
CEIA Member Forum: "Why CEIA?"

CEIA month is dedicated to celebrating the hard work and meaningful contributions of interns, Co-op students, and experiential learning professionals all across America! The mission of CEIA is to provide a supportive member-driven learning community for participating programs, students, educators and employers. All CEIA members are invited to our next Member Forum Program featuring an expert panel to include representation from CEIA Professional Development, the CEIA Conference Committee, Experience Magazine, CEIA’s Employer Network, and CEIA’s Quality Outcomes Committee.

September 2021
Campus Recruiter Insights

Every institution has its own policies, procedures and approach to connecting hiring organizations with their student talent for work-integrated learning opportunities (Internships, Co-ops, etc.). This month’s webinar will be made up of a panel of experienced campus recruiters sharing their experiences in working with us! They’ll share insight into what goes into deciding which institutions to recruit from, what makes a positive impression and what demotivates them when with an institution, etc.

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