Peggy Jarvie, University of Waterloo International Student Award Current Award Recipients

Samantha Kremer, University of Waterloo

Samantha Kremer is a fourth-year undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Science and Business and is a former Business Development Fellow with ENVenture, a clean energy business incubator based in Kampala, Uganda. In this position she helped community-based organizations create sustainable business solutions to support operational and philanthropic activities while gaining credit towards her studies. Samantha is particularly interested in marine fauna and loves to scuba dive and free dive allowing her to understand and see different animals in their natural habitat. Samantha has a keen passion to work within the international community and is pursuing a career in conservation management and research. In this field of work, she wants to support projects and lead initiatives to safeguard marine ecosystems. Her passion has led her to travel and volunteer with numerous small organizations in different industries and countries, specifically in Africa. These experiences have enhanced Samantha’s perception of the world around her and increased her respect for different cultures and the opportunities available to her.