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Lydia Mollerup is a senior at the University of Arkansas, majoring in Marketing with a minor in Legal Studies. With a passion for culture and furthering my education in the global business world, she participated in the Walton College Virtual Corporate International Internships with API during the summer of 2021.

Lydia worked virtually with Coamesa, a regional consumer goods distribution company headquartered in Costa Rica. As a Business Development Lead, her role was to find companies, both food brands and personal care brands, who supplied Walmart and other retail stores in the United States. An important part of her job was to find a way to contact them and ask if they were interested in selling products to Coamesa, who will distribute the products to Walmart and other retail stores in Central America. She was also given the task to find ways to increase Internet traffic to Coamesa’s website, which allowed her to apply her previously learned coursework.

As Lydia states,  “I am truly grateful for this learning opportunity and experience that I was given. I was able to make connections with workers in the company and to learn more about the country’s culture. I will continue to use all the skills that I have gained from this internship for the future.”