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The Journal of Cooperative Education and Internships no longer accepts submissions nor does it publish new issues. Recognizing the legacy that all contributors have left through their scholarship and research, CEIA is committed to protecting the stability and integrity of the archives and preserving open access to all for the future. CEIA invites you to scan our archives, read over 50 years of scholarly research articles and gain insights from colleagues. You may still access those archives through the Work Integrated Learning Community Support & Research Portal.

In partnership with the University of Waterloo and co-op colleagues around the world, the Work-integrated Learning (WIL) Portal was created to give researchers and practitioners easy access to published research on cooperative education and work-integrated learning. Visit the WIL Portal for cutting-edge knowledge with respect to WIL research, to explore research trends around the world, and to contribute new resources to Portal’s growing database of articles, journals and presentations.

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