The Cooperative Education & Internship Association is a professional organization that can provide you and your organization with valuable resources and services.

By joining our organization you are demonstrating your commitment to and understanding of the importance of work-integrated learning, particularly cooperative education and Internship programs in higher education.

Membership into CEIA will place you in a community of professionals whose focus is the integration of education with real-life work experience.

Our members include administrators, directors, coordinators, managers, faculty, corporate recruiters, and support staff. CEIA members work in public and private four-year institutions, two-year colleges, the corporate community, and government agencies.

Membership is composed of both relatively new professionals as well as many seasoned professionals.

The entire field is working to balance budget/funding challenges with an increase in student and employer interest.

There is a distinct need for an organization that can provide networking, support, professional development, research, technical assistance, and resources. CEIA is that organization.