News Briefs

Dear CEIA Members,
Welcome to the 2021-2022 academic year for CEIA!

It is my great honor to begin a term as President of the Board of Directors of the Cooperative Education and Internship Association (CEIA). I am a longtime CEIA member (Region 2 – Mid-Atlantic) and look forward to serving you as the Association’s president. My involvement in CEIA has provided a strong network of colleagues, valuable resources, exciting professional development opportunities and a representative voice in the field of work- integrated learning and experiential education. We continue to be committed to providing valued benefits to our members for your CEIA membership.

Here are 4 ways that we will KEEP YOU IN THE KNOW:

1) Virtual Offerings: Now more than ever, staying up to date on best practices and emerging trends will help you to navigate the many changes affecting the field of Experiential Education. Just this spring CEIA offered over 20 informative webinars and most were FREE for members! Check out the Knowledge Zone for any upcoming webinars. We will keep you informed of virtual offerings via Member Announcements, CEIA NewsBrief, and Social Media posts.

2) Colleague Connections: Networking is alive and well at CEIA. Stay connected with your colleagues by attending virtual programs. Volunteer to serve on a CEIA Committee. Take part in opportunities to celebrate achievements in the field. In the fall, there will be a call to nominate students, employers, and educators for prestigious awards.

3) Informative Resources: CEIA is dedicated to sharing helpful resources. Our members are thought leaders and elevate the field of Cooperative Education and Internships. The member portal on our website provides access to:
– Past Webinar Recordings
– Benchmarking Surveys
– Regional Updates
– Skills, Tool Hotspot and MORE!

4) Leadership Development: CEIA is passionate about building leaders in the field of Cooperative Education and Internships. Membership provides you with opportunities to demonstrate your expertise. Consider advancing your professional development by:
– Presenting at our Annual Conference
– Publishing in CEIA’s Experience Magazine™
– Researching the WIL Portal for Journal Articles
– Participating in CEIA’s Academy

My goal is to ensure the value of member benefits, enhance member satisfaction and increase diversity in our membership base. To do this…your Association needs you! For many years, CEIA has had a strong community of over 700 members. Please help to encourage others to join CEIA, so that we can continue to have an outstanding professional development association.

Yours in service,

David C. Caffo, Ed.D., CEIA President 2021-2022
Director of Experiential Learning, Wilmington University

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