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Membership in CEIA will place you in a community of professionals whose focus is the integration of education with real-life work experience, as well as..

CEIA Member Website
Our website offers information and updates, association news and events, links to related organizations, how to reach the Board of Directors, association documents, and more. Log in to areas on our website where we offer resources that may be downloaded for your use.

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Journal of Cooperative Education & Internships
The Journal of Cooperative Education and Internships no longer accepts submissions nor does it publish new issues. Recognizing the legacy that all contributors have left through their scholarship and research, CEIA is committed to protecting the stability and integrity of the archives and preserving open access to all for the future. CEIA invites you to scan our archives, read over 50 years of scholarly research articles and gain insights from colleagues. You may still access those archives through the Work Integrated Learning Community Support & Research Portal.

Experience Magazine
Experience Magazine: Practice and Theory features academic and practitioner submissions that cover best practice highlights, field trends, how-to articles and relevant information and resources for scholars and practitioners in the field of experiential learning. The audience for this publication reflects the diverse global field of experiential learning and will provide evidenced-based and practitioner-orienteering resources for a wide array of experiential learning stakeholders.

Online Membership Directory
List of professionals in the field of work-integrated learning. The directory is searchable in many ways. It is located in our member services area.

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Program Networks
Program networks are structures within CEIA that allow members of like-mind to benefit from focused programming and services. Examples of Program Network services include marketing activities, blog entries for ongoing discussion and information sharing, professional development programs, committee work for the annual awards, and focused research activities.

  • Cooperative Education Program Network
  • Internship Program Network
  • Two-Year College Program Network
  • Global Network
  • Employer Network

Made up of professionals who have demonstrated expertise and experience with work integrated learning programs in the career services, experiential education or college recruiting profession, network members will provide information, support and follow-up upon request.

Leadership/Personal Development Opportunities
Participate at the committee level or on the Board of Directors; many opportunities for volunteer involvement and leadership. Help plan conferences or become a presenter. Please contact the appropriate Board representative.

North American Directory
Search for internship and co-op professionals with which to make contact throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Professional Development & Training
The Annual Conference is just one of the many opportunities for professional development. The CEIA Academy will host a training retreat in Vail, Colorado and regional training sessions throughout the year.

Recognition & Awards
CEIA members annually recognize professionals and students for outstanding service & research in the fields of cooperative education and internships. Any member may nominate a professional or student for one of the many awards. Nominations are due by Nov. 1st each year.

Quarterly Newsletter
The latest news and events regarding our organization and its members.

Social Media

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Membership levels:

A. Member – Individual – $200.00/person (USD)
Subscription period: 1 year, on: January 1st
B. Organizational – Up to 3 Members – $495.00 (USD)
Bundle (up to 3 members)
Subscription period: 1 year, on: January 1st
C. Organizational – 4 to 6 Members – $825.00 (USD)
Bundle (up to 6 members)
Subscription period: 1 year, on: January 1st
D. Organizational – 7 to 9 Members – $1,320.00 (USD)
Bundle (up to 9 members)
Subscription period: 1 year, on: January 1st
E. Organizational – 10 Members or More ($145 per person) – $145.00/person (USD)
Bundle (unlimited)
Subscription period: 1 year, on: January 1st
For organizations with 10 or more CEIA members, charge is $145.00 PER PERSON. Contact CEIA Office for Invoice. (Tel: 513-793-2342)
F. Member – Student – $80.00 (USD)
Subscription period: 1 year, on: January 1st
Must provide documentation of full time student status.
G. Member- Retiree – $80.00 (USD)
Subscription period: 1 year, on: January 1st
H. Honorary Lifetime – Free
Subscription period: Unlimited