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About Experience Magazine™

The goal of CEIA’s Experience Magazine™ | Practice+Theory+Podcast is to provide both a “place” and “space” for content creators AND content consumers in the world of EL/WIL to learn, interact, share, and collaborate. On the interactive website, you will find articles written by scholars, practitioners, students, and employers/partners. You will find interviews with magazine writers and also with other thought leaders in the field. And, you will be able to interact in real-time via our online discussion board/blog. Our goal at Experience Magazine™ | Practice+Theory+Podcast  is to be a destination for the EL/WIL community listening, writing, reading, thinking, and doing.

Michael Sharp—Chief Editor (University of Cincinnati)

Melanie Buford—Associate Editor (University of Minnesota)

Clarice Evans—Associate Editor ( Behavioral Science Research Corporation)

Samantha Groh—Associate Editor (University of Cincinnati)

Paula Harper—Associate Editor (University of Cincinnati)

Heather Nester—Associate Editor (University of Cincinnati)

Rob Rude—Associate Editor ( (University of Cincinnati))

Erik Alanson—Podcast Contributor (University of Cincinnati)

Lisa Barlow—Creative Director (University of Cincinnati)

Brianna Brailey—Digital Director (University of Cincinnati)


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