The Two-Year College Student Achievement Award Current Award Recipient

My name is Tomas Sagartz. I am a sophomore at the College of Lake County and am planning to major in both Computer Science and Biology. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I had a hard time deciding where to continue my education. Ultimately, after spending 2 semesters here, I am glad that I chose the College of Lake County. I would like to thank the staff at the Career and Job Placement Center at CLC and my student advisor for providing me with so many opportunities and advice, as well as helping me put together a Resume. Without the help from the people here, I would never have been able to participate in the Summer internship program. The experiences I had at my summer internship were great and I feel that they taught me a lot about what it means to work for an organization. I worked for St. Benedict’s Technology Consortium and was tasked with assisting administrators on the PowerSchool platform.

Working at SBTC gave me a lot of useful lessons, mainly about company culture and how to work well with coworkers. There, we spent a lot of time communicating issues and working together to solve a problem. I never felt like I was going into a problem alone, so that reassured me and encouraged me to try to solve more complicated issues. I worked for them from early July to late August, and was offered to work part-time by them during the school year. The work schedule is extremely flexible and tailored toward my school schedule, so I feel very happy that I am able to manage both at the same time. I cannot stress how much I appreciate those who were there to help me begin my journey toward being a professional! Thank you for selecting me for this award, and thank you to those who have and will continue to support me through my journey!