Best Practices Award

Brief Description:

As Cooperative Education and Internship professionals, we are frequently tasked to develop innovative solutions to a variety of program issues and problems. The purpose of the CEIA’s Best Practice Award is to spotlight these new approaches and their application to other programs nationwide.

Current Recipients:  Ohio State University

Click Here for the Current Recipients

Nomination Deadline: December 1

Definition of Best Practice:

  • A best practice is any program, project, process, procedure, or strategy that has produced a positive change in one or more of a program’s core operations, and which:
  • Measurably improves the efficiency or effectiveness of service or support systems for your program;
  • Is replicable with modification in other school programs
  • Is an innovative or creative solution to the problem addressed.


All CEIA individual or program (organization) members are eligible.

Application Forms: Click here to view and print instructions/application form.

Send nomination to: Julie Hutt, the current CEIA Executive Vice President/President-Elect.

Past Recipients: Click here to view past award recipients.