Best Practices Award


As Cooperative Education and Internship professionals, we are frequently tasked to develop impactful solutions to issues and challenges in work-integrated and experiential learning programs within higher education. The purpose of the CEIA’s Best Practice Award is to spotlight these approaches and their application to other programs.

Definition of a Best Practice:

A best practice is any program, project, process, or procedure that has produced a positive change in one or more of a program’s core operations, and which:

  • Measurably improves the efficiency or effectiveness of service or support systems for your program
  • Is replicable with modification in other work-integrated or experiential learning programs
  • Is a strategic and meaningful solution to the problem addressed

Current Recipient: 

Virtual Skill Academy
Shippensburg University (PA)

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Nomination Deadline:

November 1


All current, active CEIA individual or organizational members are eligible.


Please complete a nomination via the link below, including a well-written, grammatically correct narrative (formatted in Word) of two to three pages, double spaced, describing the need or problem, the solution developed and implemented by the organization/institution, and an evaluation of the program/project. (As you write your narrative, please keep in mind you are writing for your peers, so you should provide enough detail regarding what, why, and how, should another organization want to replicate your program or project. The quality of the writing will be considered.) Nominations may also include supporting documents, such as collateral, media coverage, letters of support, photographs, etc.

Supporting materials may be requested by the committee if necessary.

Click here to view a sample pdf of nomination form.