2023 Conference Presentations

Video Presentation Submission

Guidelines for Preparation and Uploading Presentations

All presenters are required to prepare and upload a pre-recorded video of their presentation. The pre-recorded videos will be available to the participants during the conference.

The information below will help you prepare and submit your video presentation.

The deadline to submit your video presentation is March 4, 2022

Instructions for Recording Your Video Presentation

There are several video conferencing tools available to easily record a presentation.  Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet are among the most preferable. Our recommended approach is to record a compatible video, using a webcam or an external video camera to create a small window of the speaking presenter and an external microphone or headset for the audio.

Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet are presentation software allow recording audio and video directly in the application and can export appropriate video files in MP4 format. See relevant links below for more information regarding all three options.

Follow these instructions for local Recording.

Microsoft Teams
Follow these instructions for recording in Teams.

Google Meet
Follow these instructions for recording in Google Meet.

While PowerPoint has some easy tools for recording a presentation and audio, it doesn’t include video of the presenter(s). We highly encourage presenters to include video of themselves in addition to the presentation to allow for a more engaged audience experience.

Follow these instructions to add audio and video to your slides.
Follow these instructions to generate a MPEG-4 (.mp4) file from your slides and audio/video.

Guidelines for Preparing Your Video

Video Format: submit a landscape .mp4 or .mov video — these formats are the standard for zoom and teams recordings
Video Resolution: recommended set for 1080p preferred, 720p accepted
Have NO embedded videos.
Video Quality: use an adequate front light and an appropriate background for the video headshot of the presenter. Check your files before submitting to ensure their quality (video and sound).

Tips for Recordings

Watch your video before submitting it! Once you submit your presentation you will not be able to make any changes or resubmit another video.

Instructions for Submitting Your Video Presentation

Name the file as follows: Presentation Name – First + Last Name of Speaker
Example: Star Wars – Yoda

Please upload your video in the .mp4 or .mov video format to the Dropbox folder by March 4, 2022. You are not required to have a Dropbox account. 

Watch your video before submitting it. The file uploaded MUST be the final version. You cannot modify, delete or replace it. 

Instructions for Submitting Your Presentation Materials

All documents should be saved as PDFs; no image files, no .ppt files, only files saved as PDFs will be accepted and included on the session pages.

Name the file as follows: Presentation Name – First + Last Name of Speaker 

Example: Star Wars – Yoda

*The file name should match your video presentation file.

Please upload your pdf file to the Dropbox folder .

Deadline for Submitting the Pre-Recorded Video Presentation

There is tremendous urgency to prepare, finalize and upload the video by no later than March 4, 2022 in order for the videos to be processed.

Please contact Rich Robles at rich.robles@uc.edu