Established in September of 1963, the Cooperative Education and Internship Association (CEIA) was to provide professional development and resources to the field of cooperative education. CEIA remains the leader in providing professional development and resources to practitioners in the fields of cooperative education and internship program management. The original mission of the organization, as envisioned by its founders, is carried out through an expanding number of training activities, an annual national conference, and support and encouragement for on-going research and publications.

Employers joining CEIA have a number of benefits:

• Access to talent pipeline
• Guidance on effectively managing an internship/co-op program
• Opportunity to connect with qualified students
• Connection with Key University personnel
• Opportunity to share best practices
• Guidance for recruiting, hiring and mentoring students
• Continuous feedback loop on accountability and success of programs
• Structure and Design of internship/coop programs
• Dedicated support team of educators
• Build and expand desired talent pathways
• Community of Practice
• Professional Resources
• Employer Handbook
• Guidance on branding and visibility opportunities on campus
• Mentoring