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How do I get experience if I don’t have a job and how do I get a job, if I don’t have experience?
The answer is: Cooperative Education and Internships!

Co-op education and internships are the focus of CEIA members. It should be something you focus Students section for CEIA on, especially if you are a potential/current college student or a parent.

Cooperative Education and internship programs are work experiences offered through colleges and universities as a way for students to apply what is learned in the classroom. Some call it experience-based education or work-integrated learning – there are lots of names for it, but the main theme is that you gain the following benefits.

Co-op Education work experiences and internships are a way for students to:

  • Work in jobs related to their majors or career goals Internships at CEIA
  • Clarify their career goals
  • Get paid (in most co op education positions) which helps with educational expenses
  • Gain experience to add to their resumes
  • Become more prepared for the job market or graduate/professional school
  • Make contacts in their profession for their future job search
  • Get job offers for permanent jobs upon graduation
  • Earn college credits

Click here for a list of colleges and universities that offer co-op education and intern programs.