Experience Magazine™

CEIA’s Experience Magazine™

The goal of CEIA’s Experience Magazine™  is to provide both “place” and “space” for content creators AND content consumers in the world of EL/WIL to learn, interact, share, and collaborate. You will find articles written by scholars, practitioners, students, and employers/partners. You will find interviews with magazine writers and with other thought leaders in the field. Our goal is for Experience Magazine™  to be a destination for EL/WIL listening, writing, reading, thinking, and doing.

Experience Magazine™ functions as an online platform and there are opportunities to make changes to ensure this is a welcoming community, with compelling content. By breaking down walls between authors and readers and forging a singular community, we aim to connect and inspire. Members of the community visit and feel inspired by accessible content — compelled to comment, motivated to connect, and eager to showcase what’s happening in their own corners of the EL world.

How will people see my ad?

Experience Magazine™ is electronically distributed to over 750 CEIA members per issue.  Magazine content is presented in an online format in full color, so there is no additional charge for color ads. 


Ads are available in a variety of sizes and will be included in the main content of the magazine.

What do I need to provide?

Ad sizes are as follows and should be provided in high resolution (300 dpi) PDF or JPG format.

Annual Amount- Two Issues One Issue
Full Page $1,000 $600
Half Page $750  $400
Quarter Page $500  $275
Ad Size
Full Page 7.25" x 9.875"
Half Page 7.25" x 4.1825" 
Quarter Page 3.5" x 4.1825" 

Questions regarding sponsorships?

For more sponsorship information, please contact:
Scott Maynard: scott.maynard@sjcchamber.com

For technical assistance with registration and payment, contact:
Peggy Harrier (CEIA Executive Director): 513-543-6664 or info@ceiainc.org