Professional Development Programming

CEIA Academy and the CEIA Webinar Series

Professional Development is the cornerstone of CEIA.  CEIA serves professionals around the world who practice and promote the educational strategy of combining work and learning. In addition to providing relevant research and surveys along with over 50 years of research in our Journal, resource materials, Experience Magazine, and networking among colleagues, CEIA provides and promotes professional development opportunities through the CEIA Academy.

The CEIA Academy

The CEIA Academy provides training and development opportunities to cooperative education and internship professionals throughout the year in a variety of formats, including an annual event in Vail, CO that draws 20 – 40 professionals in work integrated learning for collaborative training and development annually, as well as 40 – 60 professionals for pre-conference workshops at the annual conference. Instruction on topics such as curriculum development, design thinking, project implementation, program management and marketing, employer relationships and development, data management and collection, mentorship, and self-advocacy are all part of the program.

CEIA Webinar Series

CEIA offers a year-round webinar series.  We provide bi-monthly educational webinars that highlight trending topics in an accessible and affordable format. We feature industry experts that are open to members and non-members that average 100 attendees during the live presentation and are available to view in our on-demand library. This educational opportunity is one of our most valued membership benefits. Recent webinars have looked at best practices and challenges facing programs of different sizes; developing an internship program at the high school level; expanding experiential learning opportunities for your students; and Advanced Techniques (Virtual Interns).

What branding opportunities are available?

Program Amount Options Exposure Provided
CEIA Academy Sponsor $250 - $2,000
  • Platinum Academy Sponsor - $2,000
  • Gold Academy Sponsor - $1,500
  • Silver Academy Sponsor - $1,000
  • Bronze Academy Sponsor - $500
  • Patron Academy Sponsor - $250
The nearly 700 members of CEIA would receive communications regarding the CEIA Academy, in which you or your organization would be featured as the sponsor. Sponsors will also be recognized on the annual conference webpage, the academy webpage, guidebook, printed program distributed to attendees at the annual conference, slides running before all attendee sessions and social media posts prior to conference. Sponsors/organizations would also be publicly recognized for sponsorship of said grant at the awards ceremony that occurs at the annual conference.
Webinar Series Sponsor $275 - $1,500
  • Exclusive Sponsorship - $1,500
  • Partial Sponsorship - $750
  • Supporter Sponsorship - $275
CEIA offers six webinars in the series each year. You may sponsor an entire webinar, half a webinar, or a quarter. Each webinar will feature one slide that shows our sponsor(s) logo(s). Additionally, sponsors will be listed publicly in the email promotions to our full 700 + member email list, on social media, and on the CEIA web site.

  • Exclusive Sponsor – $1,500 – Choose one of six webinars for your exclusive sponsorship. Your logo and a short message will be prominently displayed in emails, social media, and website promotions for that webinar, reaching thousands. Your logo will also appear at the start of the webinar on a full slide and the moderator will read a message that you supply.
  • Partial Sponsor – $750 – Choose one of six webinars for your partial sponsorship. Your logo will be displayed in emails, social media, and website promotions for that webinar, alongside 1-2 others. Your logo will also appear at the start of the webinar on a half slide and the moderator will read a message that you supply.
  • Supporter Sponsor – $250 – Your logo or name appears in email and website promotions for one of our webinars. Your logo is displayed at the start of the webinar on a quarter of a slide.

Questions regarding sponsorships?

For more sponsorship information, please contact:
Scott Maynard:

For technical assistance with registration and payment, contact:
Peggy Harrier (CEIA Executive Director): 513-543-6664 or